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Release: 3DX v1.2.2

· One min read
  • Fixed an issue where 3DX would not load and would become disabled when opening a project file using a previous version with v1.2.1 installed.
  • Other minor fixes and stability improvements

Release: 3DX v1.2.1

· One min read
  • Added an installer for macOS version
  • Added a feature to enter parameter values from the keyboard
  • Added a feature to use shift + drag to adjust fine values
  • Changed the method of resetting parameters to their default values to cmd+click
  • Changed the rotation method of Ambisonic Visualizer in Left Pan Area from linear drag to circular drag
  • Fixed a typographical error in the labels of the hexagonal speaker layout
  • Fixed an issue where the volume would drop during HPL convolution
  • Fixed problem with volume variation between sampling rates during HPL convolution
  • Fixed a problem with Win that could cause it to extend beyond the screen when switching to advanced mode

Release: 3DX v1.1.1

· One min read
  • Fixed an issue where there was a difference between the display and sound of the 3D Panner UI
  • Keyboard shortcuts for DAWs are enabled while the 3DX plug-in window is displayed
  • Improved usability when entering the license key
  • Fixed a problem that could cause sudden loud noises
  • Default value of the output channel config is now set to Binaural(HPL)