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HPL Processor Ultimate is coming soon!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new plug-in, HPL Processor Ultimate, the advanced version of the HPL2 Processor. The Ultimate edition supports binaural conversion of various surround formats, retaining the sound of the highly-praised binaural plug-in HPL2 Processor. While the traditional HPL2 Processor was limited to 2 channel inputs, the HPL Processor Ultimate can reproduce 42 speaker layouts, such as 5.1 channel and 7.1.4 channel, on headphones. Aiming to achieve precise positioning, minimal sound quality degradation, and elimination of phase issues, we meticulously adjusted and developed for each speaker layout. The result is the ultimate binaural processor, surpassing all our previous offerings.

With the release of the Ultimate Edition, the traditional HPL2 Processor will be replaced by the new HPL Processor Lite Edition. Going forward, customers will have two options to choose from when making a purchase: the Ultimate Edition or the Lite Edition. All customers who purchased HPL2 Processor prior to the release of the new plug-in can use the Lite edition of the new HPL Processor with their existing HPL2 Processor license.

The new plugin, HPL Processor, will be available in both the Ultimate and Lite Editions starting August 5. During the summer sale, tthe Lite Edition will be available at a discounted price of $54, reduced from its regular price of $68. The Ultimate Edition will also be on sale for $240, down from its regular price of $268. Upgrade from Lite to Upgrade is also available.

List of supported formats

HPL Processor

Introducing the Reborn HPL Processor

While most audio for music is primarily mixed for an speaker-listening experience, the task becomes complex when delivering the same quality and mix balance through headphones without disrupting the intended sound.

Our newly reinvented HPL Processor is a plug-in that seriously addresses this challenge. It is not an effector that adds something to make you feel good, but a tool that faithfully and correctly reproduces the original good sound even through headphones.

The HPL Processor processes not only stereo sound sources but also employs binaural technology to handle surround sound sources. This plugin simulates ideal room acoustics and speaker localization.

It is important to note that the binaural processing used is specialized for musical applications, as opposed to VR or gaming applications. This is designed to preserve as much of the original timbre as possible and reduce phase issues to a minimum.

The new HPL Processor offers a new perspective on mixing. It has been developed to be a powerful tool to help you face your music more deeply.

Comparing the Previous HPL2 Processor with the New HPL Processor

  • The new HPL Processor now allows for the binaural conversion of not only stereo but also surround formats, such as 5.1 channel and 3D audio formats like 7.1.4 (This feature is exclusive to the Ultimate edition).

  • Binaural conversion of subwoofers has been added (for both Lite and Ultimate editions).

  • The Monitor Controller UI has been added, allowing solo status settings for each speaker.

  • Please note, the Vectorscope UI, previously included in the HPL2 Processor, is not incorporated into the new HPL Processor.

HPL2 Processor Sales & Support Discontinued

The sales period for the old HPL2 Processor will last until August 3rd. Concurrently with the termination of sales, we will cease product updates and support. The distribution of existing installers will continue. We kindly ask you to transition to the HPL Processor Lite Edition, which possesses equivalent functionalities.

Information for Existing HPL2 Processor Customers

All customers who have purchased the HPL2 Processor before August 3rd will be able to use the Lite Edition of the new HPL Processor with their existing HPL2 Processor license.

No procedures or applications are required. Please download the new HPL Processor Lite, and on the license activation screen, enter the license key of your existing HPL2 Processor.

HPL Processor Product Page


  • HPL Processor Lite $68 (During Summer Sale $54)
  • HPL Processor Ultimate $268 (During Summer Sale $240)
  • Upgrade from Lite to Ultimate $200 (During Summer Sale $186)