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Ambisonic Microphones

Introduce ambisonic microphones into Mix

To use Ambisonic sound for your Mix, you need 3DX as well as a converter plug-in distributed by microphone manufactures. Convert from A-format to B-format and input to 3DX.

Ambisonic Microphone Setting

See the list of A-B Converters below for specific configuration examples.


Signal output from the tetrahedral microphone capsule is called A-format in Ambisonics. On the other hand, 3DX input is called B-format. Since the conversion process from A-format to B-format includes microphone correction processing, the plug-ins of each manufacturer are recommended for accurate spatial reproduction.

A-B Converter List

BrandMicrophoneA-B ConverterOutput setting of ConverterInput setting of the 3DX
SOUNDFIELDSPS200SURROUNDZONE2B-format1st Order Ambisonic (FuMa)
SENNHEISERAMBEO VR MicAMBEO A-B ConverterAmbiX1st Order Ambisonic
RodeNT-SF1SOUNDFIELD BY RODE PLUGINB-format (AmbiX)1st Order Ambisonic
ZOOMH3-VR* No plugin available--
  • If you use the H3-VR, you can substitute by the AMBISONICS CORRECTION FILTER of AMBEO A-B Converter to Off.